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„THE SENSU PUNKAH is the quintessential result of a 12 year journey. A journey driven by the quest to create nothing less than the best ceiling fan in the world. It took me from the ancient Orient through to state of the art robotic technology in todays’ Germany. I discovered that when we combine cultures the results are destined to be unique and extraordinary.
THE SENSU PUNKAH is one of these special results.“

Oliver Kessler


Gentle, draft free, ventilation is what makes the swinging ceiling fan (Punkah) so unique. In antiquity the Maharajas and Pharaos enjoyed the silent circulating of air that a Punkah offered. The tranquil pendula swing of the Punkah became part of the Indian and Arabian heritage and could also be found in 19th century Southern USA and in schools in the Australian outback. These majestic fans disappeared with the beginning of the 20th century due to the availability of cheap electric motors, allowing the mass-production of noisy rotating fans.

These, however, cannot substitute the sensation provided by the soft natural breeze and soothing movement of a silent Punkah.


Designed, developed
and manufactured
in Germany



  • silent gentle breeze
  • relaxing movements
  • accompanying sleep timer
  • supports acclimatisation


  • supports acclimatisation
  • acoustic dampening effect
  • promotes a calming atmosphere


  • promotes a cool(ing) & stylish atmosphere
  • provides a kinematic branding platform
  • supports acclimatisation


  • relaxing motion
  • enhances a wellness sensation
  • supports acclimatisation



THE SENSU PUNKAH can accompany you when going to sleep. It then also goes to sleep after a chosen pre-set time


A dimmable LED halo illumination provides a warm white ambient light


The motor will automatically stop when a blade blockage is detected. Meets European CE standards


Choose from 3 speeds to select your perfect breeze intensity


Connect a series of THE SENSU PUNKAHs and synchronise their blade movements


Choice of the blade rest position: Either a horizontal or near vertical position


Oliver Kessler Design created and produces THE SOLITAIRE PUNKAH which is the first and only electronically controlled, wirelessly synchronisable ceiling fan in the world. Designed and manufactured with an uncompromising focus on quality and function, THE SOLITAIRE PUNKAH can today be found in various palaces, exclusive hotels and resorts. This knowledge gained during the 12 year history of this exclusive fan has been successfully transferred to THE SENSU PUNKAH, making the luxury of a Punkah available to a wider, but discerning market. Learn more